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Adding in Prayer for Police to the Prayer for Soldiers

21 Feb

Photo of prayer for the state of Israel from booklet printed and distributed in 1948

Did you notice that in the summer the prayer for the IDF, Mi Sheberach for Tzahal was changed? In July Rav Rami Barchiyahu, the rabbi of the Israel police services, received permission from the chief rabbis of Israel to update the prayer. The update now includes a prayer for police, that is praying for the […]

New Matching Color Cover Designs

11 Jan

Three Trees Tu Bshvat Design copyright

Do you remember a while back  I mentioned how a discussion with a customer resulted in some new black and white cover designs? Well that happened for color designs as well. In this case, the customer wanted a cover that matched the inside of the bencher. We do already have a design that matches the […]

Black and White Borders

11 Dec

black and white stripes with lions copyright birkatchaverim

It happens from time to time that discussions with customers result in new ideas or new covers. The border designs for the Bnei Akiva bencher resulted cover designs benchers in this post had to do with a discussion about black and white borders. Our customer wanted to print in black and white ink and wanted […]

Best Match for the Inside of the Bencher?

20 Sep

What cover best matches the inside of the bencher?

    We recently had a customer ask us regarding the inside of the bencher: We want a color cover but did not seem to find one that also matched the inside colors. Can you recommend one? What looks the best with the inside design from your experience? Inside of the Benchers Here is a […]

Tiny Ninja Theater Revisited

28 May

tiny ninja theater revisited illustration

A few years ago for Mitzvot Unplugged we had a guest post from Dov Weinstein of Tiny Ninja Theater about his one man performance piece M’amati. This past fall our family had a a wedding right around the time of a family member’s 75 birthday. Although this family member generally does not like surprises, we […]

Mission Impossible Theme Benchers for a Bat Mitzvah

26 Jan

image wih text mission impossible theme bencher via birkat chaverim

We recently had a really fun birkon order for a Bat Mitzvah. The order was for Mission Impossible Theme benchers. The family was kind enough to allow us to share the design with you. Scroll to the end to see it. I think this is so much fun. Isn’t this a fun Bat Mitzvah design? […]

What can you do for a Shvat Simcha?

19 Jan

Three tree Bencher Cover Design

Do you have a Shvat Simcha? There are many tie ins to Tu B’Shvat that you can do to make your simcha seasonal. Here are a few ideas to inspire you for a Shvat Simcha: Is your Shvat simcha a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? How about learning how to learn how to make fruit floral […]

Welcome the new year cupcake wrapper special

16 Aug

Elul is here again. In honor of the high holidays we will be running a small promotion, a new year cupcake wrapper special. THIS OFFER IS CLOSED The offer We are offering a free digital cupcake wrapper & topper with any order of the Bnei Akiva Birkon. The offer is good for any of the […]

Cupcake wrapper special: Free with Bnei Akiva Birkon Order

11 Jan

Cupcake wrapper special THIS OFFER IS CLOSED Tu Bshvat is coming! For a limited time we are having a cupcake wrapper special. We are offering a free digital cupcake wrapper & topper with an order of the Bnei Akiva Birkon or bencher. To receive this offer, place your bencher order through January 25th. Let us […]

Birkon Feedback

25 Dec

We love to hear feedback from our bencher users!

We always love to get feedback about the Bnei Akiva bencher and other products. Often this comes by email. Recently someone wrote us, in an email with all the short hand that entails: “and, you should know, it is a great bentcher, actually usable – you are shortchanging yourselves with a stapled on cover. It […]