Promoting the Bencher- Galil Fundraising

This post is intended as a resource for people who are interested in promoting the Bnei Akiva bencher project. The Bnei Akiva Bencher project is a way for local Bnei Akiva Glilim to fundraise when their members have smachot. I am including links in this post to some materials that will be useful towards this purpose. Feel free to be in touch if you need something more specific in promoting the bencher.
First off- the facebook page. We set up a facebook page because today facebook is a great way to reaching out to people. Please fan it and share relevant updates. Please also recommend the page to relevant friends.

Pinterest If you use pinterest, do follow our relavent boards and do join our Jewish Informal Education & Craft collaborative board.

Web ads Here are a few web ads that can be downloaded and used on your own blog, site or facebook page. I am happy to provide help with that if you need. These ads are 125×125, 180×150, 125×240 and 250×250. Just right click and save in order to save them to your computer.


Benchers for Family Celebrations The Bnei Akiva Bencher Project

make bnei akiva part of your simcha with the Bnei Akiva BirkonFlyers: To save these right click and save to your computer.

Spread the Word (A4 pdf)
Make Bnei Akiva part of your simcha (pdf)
Birkon Brochure (pdf)
Flyer with details (pdf)

I have a flyer specifically geared towards shlichim and mazkirim which I would be happy to send by email.

Additionally here’s our frequently asked questions section and a direct link to the Birkonim. We also provide an assortment of covers that can be used with the birkonim. These can be found in the birkon cover section on this site.

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