4 Thoughts Before Passover

3 Apr

4 Thoughts before Passover

A few thoughts before Passover- 1. The best time to clean your fridge and freezer for Pesach is when you are hungry. 2. Very pleased to have received a review copy of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed’s Laws of Pesah (Peninei Halakha) (Yeshivat Har Bracha and Maggid Books) trans. Yehoshua Wertheimer and Moshe Rapps). It is helpful […]

Birkat HaIlanot Tree Blessing from School

20 Mar

birkat hailanot activity for Rosh Chodesh Nissan

My daughter made this Birkat HaIlanot, Blessing on the trees, which is said starting in the Jewish month of Nissan, in school one year. I thought it was a cute and simple idea and so I am sharing it here. Basically all thats needed is the blessing on the trees and allow the children to […]

Fun Passover Montessori Activity

15 Mar

Pesach four cups droppers

What types of activities do you do as you prepare for Passover? We have an assortment that we like to choose from, and with my smaller fry, I tend towards Montessori activities. One Passover Montessori Activity that we’ve enjoyed is transferring water between kiddush cups. My kids always enjoy water drop activities and can do […]

Call for Submissions- Third Annual Mitzvot Unplugged

12 Mar

Third Annual Mitzvot Unplugged Call for Submissions

The Third Annual Mitzvot Unplugged call for submissions is now opened. The Mitzvot Unplugged Series focuses on teaching our kids mitzvot in creative ways. The series takes place between Lag B’Omer and Shavuot. We are interested in guest posts that will help families teach their children Jewish values. Mitzvot Unplugged is open to guest posts in a wide area of topics. As a […]

Post Shiputzim Book Swap Update

11 Mar

Bookswap Update and Survey

The community book swap has been closed for the past month or so due to shiputzim/repair work in the stairwell which is its usual home. The Vaad Bayit has informed us that in order for the book swap to return to its location, it must have nicer bookshelves. Do you want this free community service […]

Kid Designed Passover Stamps

10 Mar

Kid made Passover stamps via Birkat Chaverim

My nieces gave these to my kids a while back and around Passover we pull them out to use. I thought I would share them as they are handmade, kid made stamps and not hard to do. My nieces made the Passover stamps in a neighbourhood art class out of pieces of wood and foam. […]

New: Mini Purim Cupcake Wrappers

2 Mar

mini Purim cupcake wrappers via Birkat Chaverim

Spoiler alert! We are using these Mini Purim Cupcake Wrappers for our mishloach manot this year. The picture above is approximately how they will look, although we might use healthier content. Here we used mini marshmallows and “Clicks” which have some sort of flour/crunchy filling inside. These mini Purim cupcake wrappers are a little bit […]

Purim Mishloach Manot Game

16 Feb

Zachor It Purim Game

Last year my sister’s family (in particular my niece), made this cute game for Purim, which they gave out instead of extra mishloach manot (that is, they fulfilled the mitzvah, and then these were for fun.) The game is called Zachor It! based on the Spot It! game. The idea of the game is that there […]

I Spy Mishloach Manot

15 Feb

Chocolate Hammentashen via Birkat Chaverim

  We like I Spy around here. For Purim last year we prepared Purim I Spy Mishloach Manot. I am sharing them here with you. The advantages of I Spy Mishloach Manot are they are easy to prepare, which was really important last year as I was about to have a baby. We used recycled coffee […]

Hebrew children’s book reviews

12 Feb

Hebrew Kids Books Reviews. Why the Na Nach car? Check out the reviews.

Usually I review books in English here but this time I am reviewing three children’s books in Hebrew. These are all about Rabbis some more and some less familiar. The first Hebrew children’s book review, is for בשירה אל הרב צבי יהודה (In a convoy to Rav Tzvi Yehuda) by Rachel Slyter (illustrated by Naama Lahav) publisher: […]