Review: The Temple in Flames The Story of the Final Battle for Jerusalem

31 Dec

A Temple in Flames Book Review

I meant to review this in the summer during the 9 days, but given what was going on then, I found it too heavy to review this book. That is not to say that I did not find it to be interesting and a useful resource, just given its subject matter, it was too difficult. […]

Birkon Feedback

25 Dec

We love to hear feedback from our bencher users!

We always love to get feedback about the Bnei Akiva bencher and other products. Often this comes by email. Recently someone wrote us, in an email with all the short hand that entails: “and, you should know, it is a great bentcher, actually usable – you are shortchanging yourselves with a stapled on cover. It […]

Digital Cupcake Wrappers for Donations to Eden Center via Giving Tuesday

24 Dec

giving tuesday israel donor gifts for the eden center

I wanted to give a heads up to an offer that some of you may be interested in. You may or may not know that outside of this site, my “other jobs” include web design and online community building. I have been doing community building for The Eden Center for the past several years. Eden […]

Hanukkah Digital Cupcake Wrappers Package

10 Dec

new hanukkah wrapper package

Hanukkah is coming, which means its time for Hanukkah cupcake wrappers. I have just added a new package to the shop to order all three Hanukkah digital cupcake wrappers as one downloadable package in the shop. Meaning you can purchase the blue-green, maroon and orange cupcake wrappers in one purchase. This actually saves you some money, […]

Top Pinned Content This Month

8 Dec

favorite pinterest pins Hanukkah from Birkat Chaverim

As you know we have an active Pinterest presence where we pin our own content as well as content that we like. We also have several exciting collaborative Pinterest boards like the Jewish Informal Education and Crafts board and the Jewish Art board. I thought I would share our top five pinned content this month. […]

Benchers in Use: Camp Moshava IO

17 Nov

We love getting photos from events and this one is a fun one. Bar Mitzvah boy, Edward Jonathan Leibowitz celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at Camp Moshava, IO this summer. He used the Bnei Akiva bencher with a custom Bar mitzvah cover design, during the celebration. His family kindly sent in a picture from the weekday morning […]

Dreidel Crayons for Hanukkah

16 Nov

For years I have really wanted to make dreidel crayons. So imagine how excited I was to find an old silicon dreidel mold at the local Emunah “white elephant” sale. It was a shekel or so. We also snagged a boat silicon molds and I told my kids that we were going to make crayons and […]

Benchers in Use: California

20 Oct

We love getting feedback from events where the Bnei Akiva bencher was used and I am happy to share these photos from an event in California. Don’t these benchers look beautiful set out for a sheva brachot? I love seeing the border peeking out in the photo on top. The covers were designed by Arielle […]

Yamim Noraim Bencher Special Extended

22 Sep

Special through July 14th, Digital cupcake wrapper with birkon order

In honor of the high holidays  we are offering a free digital cupcake wrapper & topper with an order of the Bnei Akiva Birkon. We have extended the offer through October 17th and let us know the wrapper you would like in the order notes.   You can look at the cupcake wrappers and the […]

Jonah Magnet Project

21 Sep

Jonah magnet project

I loved this project although we did not quite do it the way I had envisioned it. Maybe another time. Basically this is a moveable Jonah in the origami boat and a little paper map. Note the “Big Fish” or Whale, as you like. We had fun moving the ship across the map. The children […]